Happiness is a weird puppy

I woke up with a pounding headache so bad I didn’t even want coffee.  Feeling happy about Florida or Gainesville or just about anything else wasn’t happening.  Then my dogs talked me into walking out back with them, where Layla decided to show me her new trick.  This isn’t really something I taught her.  I was trying to teach her to jump OVER not ON the motorcycle.  But she couldn’t quite make it over and decided she liked on much better.  I agree.  Please ignore the redneck state of my yard.  I am married to a hoarder.

Dogs aren’t normally something I associate with one state over another, but my current dogs were born here.  We adopted Layla from Alachua County Animal Services, where we also saw Sadie.  Sadie was underage, so they shipped her off to the Humane Society, where we tracked her down and adopted her.  Sadie would have been adopted no matter what, but Layla’s survival wasn’t so assured.  The day we saw her, she had been there 8 days.  Normally, the dogs are quarantined for 7 days, then determined to be adoptable or not adoptable, and a sign is put up if they are adoptable.  Layla didn’t have a sign, but I had fallen in love with her before I got a chance to notice that.  She sat there so perfectly, not barking and acting crazy, just sitting.  And when I spoke to her, she listened.  Look at those ears!  You can see that this dog knows how to listen.

I asked about her and was told that they didn’t think anyone would adopt her; she was too shy.  I didn’t care; she was already my dog.

The first day I brought her home, she was shy.  She was weird.  She was terrified of cameras, cell phones, and black trash bags.  She started at every leaf, every person, every cat.  But when I told her they were okay and named them, she looked up at me with complete love and trust and walked past whatever it was.  By the second day, she was no longer shy.  She was a wild dog, but she was perfectly at home with us, and fiercely loyal.  Still scared of odd things, but not shy.  She’s been that way ever since.


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