Bzzy, Bzzy, Bzzy

IMGP7918Spring is here and the time is right for bees to pollinate!  While we definitely need bees to pollinate out fruit crops, they aren’t really picky about where they gather their honey.  This bumblebee is collecting pollen from what most of us consider weeds.

IMGP7931This honeybee is collecting from the same flowers.  All bees make honey, but the honeybee makes a lot more than the bumblebee does.  Honeybees are much smaller and slimmer than bumblebees, and more prone to stinging.  You have to be pretty aggressive toward a bumblebee to get it to sting you.

IMGP7965Did you know that clover honey is one of the most widely available commercial honeys?  It’s a fairly light honey that doesn’t crystallize quickly, so it looks pretty on the shelves.  The bees love clover, so in areas where there are fields of it, it’s pretty easy to harvest.

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