Walkin’ to the Railroad

4-9-15 rose 4-9-15 orange 4-9-15 yellowI set out to take pictures of the train tracks by my house, but I got sidetracked by the flowers even before I left my own yard.  My red roses out back are blooming beautifully.  Wild coral flowers that I think are a type of primrose grow along the side of the road.  I have seen them in white and yellow as well.  This cheerful yellow flower is dandelionesque, but is not an actual dandelion.  It is cheerful and pretty, though.

4-9-15 whiteThese little white flowers were almost hidden by foliage, but peeped out just enough to catch my eye.  They look perfectly like the kind of flowers a child might draw!

4-9-15 PalmsMost people think of palm trees as growing near beaches at the ocean, but here in inland Florida, they are scattered randomly around the landscape.  They pop up next to forests and in the middle of fields.

4-9-15 daisies & blues4-9-15 bluePurple and white flowers bloom in abundance along the road and the railway.

4-9-15 cattails 4-9-15 Cattails by RailroadCattails also grow in the swampy soil of Gainesville, especially along the irrigation ditches that line the roads.

4-9-15 Engine 734I did make it all the way to the tracks, where Engine 734 was waiting for its signal to move on in to the gravel yard down the road.





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