Puppy dog tales

Since my sweet Sadie is having a lump removed from her leg right now, and since I am a little worried about the results, I am dedicating this post to her (please excuse any instances of dog slobber on glass).


Sadie is so much more than the sum of her parts.  As wonderful as her tail and ears are, she is even more wonderful.  And that nasty lump on her leg threatens that sweetness.  That’s just wrong!

She is a sweet and noble dog, even though she’s goofy beyond belief.  At night, she stations herself by the bed, guarding me in my sleep.  Every time she sees someone out and about, she barks ferociously and her hackles raise.  Then they get close and suddenly she’s either wagging her tail or hiding behind me.  Goofy girl!

She and my other dog, Layla, are practically inseperable, but of course, today, they would not both get in the same frame for anything, so I’ll just link my post about Layla here.  Layla’s a little crazy.

Silly Sadie tries to chase cats in the neighborhood, but the cats at home crawl all over her.  She just lies there, sometimes looking mildly annoyed, but mostly just ignoring it.

One of her favorite things in the world, being a typical dog after all, is taking a ride in the car.  My back window is permanently enrobed in dog slobber, but that’s a small price to pay for the happiness of my sweet dog.

***** Sadie is now home and is doing fine.  ********


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