Through My Daughter’s Eye


My daughter was obviously born to the water, and cannot stand the idea of being far from it.  When she asked to take the photos today, I should have known that they would be water based.


Nearly every photo was of Hoggetowne Creek, which we walked along today.  As we went through the photos to use tonight, she asked me to use the one with more water in it every single time.

IMGP7429 IMGP7440 IMGP7436


While we were looking through the photos, she was bothered that in most of them the creek reflects the green of the trees too much.  In reality, it did not look very green, but a muddy grey-brown from the sediment stirred up by some wild storms earlier.

IMGP7450 IMGP7420 IMGP7483 IMGP7453The wide-angle lens was her lens of choice, which turned out to be a great way to capture the beauty of the woods.

IMGP7473 IMGP7412 IMGP7411There is no denying that the creek is photogenic, but so are the newly-leaved trees, forming a natural cathedral to awe those lucky enough to wander through.


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