By Another Trail

IMGP7286Springtime’s here and the trails are calling!  There is nothing better than getting out and doing something when the weather is mild and the humidity is low.

IMGP7287 IMGP7257When most people think of Florida, they think of beaches, but the landscape is much more than that.  Away from the beaches and the tourists, there are trees and vines and a wilderness so dense that even civilization cannot tame it.

IMGP7275 IMGP7218Pockets of jungle are found all over Gainesville, carefully protected, even though they butt right up to houses and busy roads.  I love finding them all over the place, some official parks, some just areas in between.  The ones in between are often the most fun, carved out by those who seek adventure at home.

IMGP7236 IMGP7213 IMGP7248 IMGP7245Whether this is an official park or not, I have never been sure, but it is a trail used by bikers who fly over the roots and across the many rickety bridges.  The bridges change frequently, moved as the creek bed changes, broken, new ones added.  It makes it a little more of an adventure.

IMGP7252It never ceases to amaze me that in a place as hot as Florida, the flower that symbolizes Ireland grows with abandon.  Such pretty flowers!

IMGP7292 IMGP7189 IMGP7184 IMGP7183Small treasures along the path make a walk even more cheerful.  These flowers may make my sinuses ache, but they make my heart sing!



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