My Emerald City

IMGP6605 IMGP6576Spring is everywhere around me right now, in an amazing show of vibrant greens that come of having had a cold early winter.  Forget the Wizard’s castle made of stones; my city is full of trees and trails and adventures.

IMGP6496We headed out to San Felasco up in Alachua, where my son had recently seen a bison, hoping that I would see one, too.  That wasn’t in the cards, but the trail had a feeling of magic to it, bursting with new greens so bright they almost hurt.

IMGP6545 IMGP6523 IMGP6512Arches through the wood give way to moss-covered stones touched by the glow of the spring sun.  Around every bend, I expected to meet with a fairy or leprechaun.  The leaves on the ground added to the hushed feeling of the forest.

IMGP6581Can’t you just see Jesse and Leslie slipping across the tree bridge on their way to Terabithia?

IMGP6613 IMGP6649 IMGP6641*****

The late afternoon sun turned the leaves to gold, signaling that it was time to return home again.


2 thoughts on “My Emerald City

  1. I liked the title and most of the pictures but find the first 2 hard to figure out. What’s the white stuff?

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