Foraging For Flowers

IMGP6436Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved seeing roadside flowers.  I would beg my father to pull over so I could pick them, and he often would.  You can’t really do that many places anymore, but I still love to see them blooming.


With most of the world covered in snow (or at least, much of the US still feeling winter), I thought it was time to bring you a post about the wildflowers that have been showing up in my (too) warm part of the world.

IMGP6427 IMGP6414 IMGP6453 IMGP6407March is one of my favorite months for flowers, because this is when many of the smaller flowers appear, when it is still relatively mild.  This is also the time of year you are most likely to see blue-toned flowers, rather than the reds and oranges of summer.  Blues and purples have always been my favorite flowers, but they are not as common in Florida’s heat as they are in many other places.

IMGP6418Many of the prettiest flowers are considered weeds, like these little daisies.  I know from experience that they can be awful in the yard, since they choke out many of the other plants and end up being ugly twigs covered in prickles, but the flowers themselves are pretty and cheerful.

IMGP6448Sweet peas have a special place in my heart.  They were always one of the seed packets my sister and I would pick out with great hope in our attempts to garden as children.  I don’t remember most of our flowers growing very well, but the peas in the garden my father would plant had very similar flowers.  We would gorge ourselves on those peas out in the garden, and if any of them actually made it to the kitchen, it was only because we were too full to eat the last one.



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