February Flowers

IMGP6000Even when it does get cold down here in Florida, there are flowers all around.  During the cooler winter months, we actually have some very showy flowers, such as big, bright azaleas, camellias, and roses.  All of these are beautiful flowers, but I really look forward to the redbuds that bloom just before I feel summer creeping in.

IMGP5957I love the way the redbuds bloom, covering their branches with close-fitting, brightly colored blooms.

IMGP5945Along with the redbuds are an abundance of small flowers that aren’t as showy as many of the flowers around here.  Many of these flowers promise fruits later on, such as the ones on these berry brambles.

IMGP5981Or the wild plums that flower prolifically, and end up making bird food in the summer.  The wild plums here are small and black, and as far as I know, not fit for human consumption.  The birds love them, though.

IMGP5953The trees are much more beautiful while they flower than they will be covered in fruit.

IMGP5986The white buds and blossoms are a great way to cheer up an otherwise grey day.  One of the things people often don’t realize when they set out to try their hand at photography is that grey skies can produce some of the most beautifully saturated photos, so while the photos above are bright, the weather was not.

IMGP5978Although they are bright yellow, I often miss these flowers until I see them on the ground, then look up to find them high up in the trees, climbing toward the sun.


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