Misty Monday Morning

IMGP5798The mist always beckons me to come out and play.  It makes things magically compelling, especially my lake, where it dampened the noise of the busy street behind my house.

IMGP5775Nobody but the birds were out on this quiet morning, hopping about busily, or searching the waters for their breakfast.  Anhingas float along the water, with bodies submerged, only their long necks and heads visible.

IMGP5779A little brown bird sits quietly, blending into the background, but if you look hard you can spot him.

IMGP5792 IMGP5805The colors along the shore are vibrant through the grey of the mist.  A maple tree flowers with red seeds, while a boat waits for it’s owner to put it afloat.

IMGP5771As proof that spring is coming, bright yellow flowers blossom along a fence.


2 thoughts on “Misty Monday Morning

  1. That was a really beautiful bunch of pictures. Like a visit to Gainesville. Makes your location seem nicer than you usually feel about it.

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