The Big Hole in the Ground

IMGP5291 IMGP5313Yesterday seemed like a good day for a small adventure, so I headed over to the Devil’s Millhopper to see the big hole in the ground.  Although there are plenty of sinkholes around, the Devil’s Millhopper is special because of both its size and age.  It’s about 150′ deep, and is believed to have formed thousands of years ago, and is always beautiful.

IMGP5378 IMGP5380 IMGP5318I always love to stomp around the Millhopper.  It is always green and cool, with the sound of water trickling down its walls.  The water today was higher in the swampy bottom than I have ever seen it before, probably at least partially due to the torrential rains the day before.

IMGP5347There used to be trails, long before I ever moved here, but because people were not respectful of the fragile ecosystem, a boardwalk and stairs were constructed to contain the visitors.  The stairs are really popular with runners and exercisers who like to run up and down them.

IMGP5361Every time I have gone, I have found tiny violets growing among the moss, which remind me of the larger violets that grew wild in our yard when I was a kid.  Violets aren’t really common in Florida, so I’m always glad to see these ones.

IMGP5388 IMGP5402*****

The greens down at the bottom are incredibly vibrant, even in February.  Much of Florida is green, but a more muted, olive tone than this.  The brightness of this green thrills me to my soul.



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