Beth & FlowersMy beautiful daughter (why no, I am not biased!)  decided that she needed some non-selfie photos of herself today and enlisted my help.  She had a friend come with her for styling purposes, but I snuck in a few of them together.

Beth & JazThen I actually imported them into Photoshop and played with them, so these are not my usual SOOC shots.

Beth with a flower in her hair Beautiful Beth*****

Even though I thought I had set my camera for RAW, these came out as JPEGs, which is how I usually shoot since I don’t edit for this blog.  That means that I need to get to know my camera settings a little bit better, and that I didn’t have quite the control in the editing process that I should have.

Beth on a table 2She loved this one on the table, because she says, “I’m glowing!”  Since she does always glow in person, I was glad to capture that on my SD card.

Beth lake Beth staring*****

There are definitely areas I could improve in, notably consistency, but overall, I am pretty pleased with the results.  What do you think?  What changes would you make?

Beth in gazebo




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