IMGP3119Lately I have been dreaming of mimosas.  Yes, but that is not a mimosa, you may say.  That’s actually a silk flower, mimosas are yellow.  That may be true, but I grew up calling these mimosas, as do many others in the Southern US.  I love these flowers, which seem to bloom forever during the spring.  The trees burst with them, the blooms staying vibrant for weeks.  I always think, I’ll have to get photos of those tomorrow.

IMGP3106And then they begin to fade.  This year I noticed it in time, before all the color was leached from the blooms.

IMGP3112The funny thing is, it is not MY mimosas I am currently obsessing over, but the yellow kind.  These grow in France apparently, and are actually Acacias.  That makes things a little confusing.  When I googled mimosa, I came up with many similar flowers, but the only kind with mimosa in the name is Mimosa Pudica, which aren’t trees at all, but low growing herbs.  In any case, it is the French mimosa that has been haunting my dreams, without me ever having seen it in person.

IMGP3120You see, several months ago, I received a sample of a perfume named Mimosa Pour Moi, that smelled heavenly.  It smelled like cherry Jolly Rancers, but in an amazing way.  Unfortunately, the perfume is beyond my means, so I will just dream a little longer.



4 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. I think I can help you here. When I was living in Tennessee until quite recently, I also fell in love with the mimosa and, of course, the delightful Japanese legend which goes with them. I loved everything about them, especially the smell. When I returned to England, I checked up and discovered that yes, we do have them, although they are not the same and yes, they are called Acacias. There is an affordable perfume because I sought it out too. It is called Amarige and it has that smell in it! Do try and find it. I know they have it in America because you will not be disappointed. Many blessings to you from England. x

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