What’s Your Superpower?

IMGP3001Today I find myself again at the Haile office, which is at least interesting on a Saturday morning while the market is in full swing.  I got here a few minutes early so I could spend a minute or two looking at the market, at least the part right outside my office door.

IMGP2991 IMGP3008 Although this is not strictly a farmers market, fruits and vegetables do make up a large portion of the goods for sale.  I’m not sure of the rules here, whether these are all locally grown or not, but they are vibrant and fresh looking.

IMGP2989 IMGP2995Right now there are melons galore, ready to cool you down in the heat of summer, which somehow still isn’t quite here in the ordinary Florida way.  If you are from the north and looking for a Florida vacation, now is the time to come down.  It’s been in the 80s for the most part lately, which is rather miraculous in June.  I’m afraid it’s too much to hope that we can have a truly mild summer, so for now I’m enjoying what we’ve got.

IMGP3010After looking around a bit, I went back inside and opened up the office, then looked across the street and saw this:IMGP3014

Back outside I went, camera and wallet in hand, hoping for a chance to sample such unabashed southern joy!

IMGP3012Alas, it was not to be.  The vendor takes only cash and I had only cards.  The flavor of pecan wood infused into bacon will have to wait for another day, but knowing that such a thing exists has filled my heart with joy.IMGP3015


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