Ticket to Ride!

IMGP2952Soon after I moved to Gainesville, I bought myself a Bianchi hybrid bike with the intention of riding it all over Gainesville.  The problem is, I am a little scared of the roads here, and I didn’t really have the time to build up the stamina to get anywhere very far away.  Then my son borrowed my bike and it got stolen and that was the end of that.

IMGP2958Recently my youngest had to have her road bike fixed AGAIN (she’s a little hard on it), so while I was at Bikes + More, I ordered bikes that we can take to the trails.  They are finally in!

IMGP2960We headed over to Loblolly Woods on NW 34th Street to test them out today.  I was completely pitiful, puffing and wheezing within minutes, but it was so wonderful anyway.  Being on a bike feels so free, like summer days in childhood.  How do I let myself forget that?

IMGP2969It seems like we forget a lot of stuff as adults about how to have fun.  I am charging you, dear and faithful reader, with the onus of going out and having fun this week doing something physically taxing.



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