IMGP2877It rained yesterday.  That happens frequently around here, but the clouds were dense, and the sun was low behind them.  There was a beautiful grey brightness that caught my eye, so I grabbed my camera.  First I tried to take some indoor photos, but it was a little too dark for those to work well, so I went outside.IMGP2879My yard is a little bit redneck.  Vines and wild things sprout all around it, and I don’t do much to get rid of them.  They creep along my back fence, which will probably need to be replaced soon, but for now has a certain amount of charm.IMGP2889They climb along my shed, and every year I make some attempts to rid the shed of these vines, but the vines always win.   The truth is, I like a little bit of wilderness in my yard, so I don’t try hard to tame it.


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