Feeding Time

IMGP2622My daughter lives on acreage with cows, so one of the things she does is feed the cows.  Of course, they are cows and there is grass for them to eat, but their diet is rounded out with either leftover produce or cow feed.  Don’t ask me any more about that, because I don’t know what cow feed is.  The cows like it though, and gather around the fence when they sense it is time for feed.

IMGP2640There is a new baby out there, but he’s pretty shy and tends to stick close to his mama.  He’s big enough now to actually eat with the other cows, although not so big that it’s his main food.  These cows aren’t dairy cows and they aren’t grown for meat, they just get to live here so that the land is agricultural and the taxes are lower.  It’s not a bad life for the cows.

IMGP2650Even Duke, the bull, seems to think it’s a pretty decent way to live.


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