After the Party

IMGP2591My daughter, who now wears mud boots to work and takes care of animals for a living, has always loved dressing up.  She also loves ceremony, so of course, she loves tea parties.  She doesn’t often have the time or the money to entertain on even the smallest level, but this time, she managed to prepare a tea party full of wonderful food and drink for us.

IMGP2597The table was beautifully set, and we had not only tea but prosecco floats (one whole Italian ice, hibiscus iced tea & prosecco) as well.  Of course, I didn’t even think of photos until we were winding down and the pink of the floats was illuminated by the bright window on the other side of the table.

IMGP2606The refreshments were wonderful, since this is my daughter we are talking about.  She made a feast for us all, with beautiful cucumber sandwiches (note:  those cute little square cocktail breads at the grocery store are really, really dry and blah).

IMGP2601Amazingly, we did not eat all of the almond cake filled and frosted with apricot whipped cream. Maybe because she made so many?

IMGP2603The beautiful spread included cookies from the local Italian bakery, which were properly demolished, and local honey from the beekeeper her boyfriend works for to sweeten our tea.

IMGP2610As wonderful as the food was, relaxing in pleasant company was the best part of the day.



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