Away From Home

IMGP2472Yesterday I tried to wrap up loose ends in my business, so I could head down for a weekend with my eldest in Loxahatchee.  It is beautiful down here, but even though the thermometer reads the same as it did in Gainesville, it’s brutally HOT.  Fortunately, there are a lot of flowers and plants that love it hot, so we took a little walk through her yard to see what’s growing.

IMGP2462These beautiful trumpet flowers smell like chocolate.  The white bloom that was there has since wilted, but there is great promise for more to come.

IMGP2478The jasmine flowers hid from the direct sun, but their fragrance gave them away.

IMGP2489A curry plant with pink berries and white blossoms has grown tremendously from the twig it started out as.  We found a few of the ripe, deep purple berries and tasted them.  The thick skin reminds me of the grapes we used to pick from the arbor in our back yard, but with a spicy finish.

IMGP2507Bright orange flowers provide a feast for hummingbirds and butterflies when the weather is right.

IMGP2496Along the side of the house, a basilisk rests himself in a shady overhang.




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