Apres Deluge

IMGP2053When I first heard about Pensacola’s flood, I was worried that I would not be able to get here for Mother’s Day, but this is Pensacola.  Used to being battered and bruised, Pensacola doesn’t stay flattened for long.

IMGP2131It also helps that it’s got some of the most porous soil on earth, and plenty of places for water to run off.  There is not much standing water left in most of Pensacola, which makes clean up a little easier.

IMGP2119 IMGP2098The damage is still significant.  One of the most shared photos from the flood is of Scenic Highway, just up the road from my mother’s house, where the road collapsed while two vehicles were on it.  (I’m sorry about the haze; I forgot just how humid Pensacola is)

IMGP2142 IMGP2158 IMGP2147Upworthy used the photo as proof of climate change.  Now, I’m not saying that there is no climate change, or that we don’t need to be much more careful with the things we do that can damage life on earth, but actually, using a photo of a disaster in Pensacola to support climate change is really pushing it.  Pensacola has a nearly 500 year history of natural disasters of immense proportions.  Rain in a city that is just shy of being declared a rainforest is not proof of climate change.

IMGP2117It is a mess, still, one that finally the Federal Government is taking seriously.  FEMA has finally been authorized to give aid to those who need it to rebuild and repair their homes.

IMGP2183With natural disasters, it’s always interesting to see that while there is significant damage, there are also changes that are welcome.  In an area like this, where the economy is always struggling, some of the positive chances are the extra jobs created by the rebuilding effort.

IMGP2161 IMGP2159Another welcome change is the beach created by the washout.  This area of the bay has been losing beach for many years, and right here, there has been no beach at all in my memory.  I hope that this sandy area helps to create a bigger beach over the next few years.



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