Spring for You!

emergeAfter several days of chilly rain, today burst forth gloriously, and because I know so many of you, my wonderful readers, are living in areas where spring is being exceedingly elusive, I decided that I must go out and photograph all the beauty that is popping out in my own front yard.  There is hope!  It will come to you soon, but for now, I bring you a little bit of spring from Florida (which has been known to skip this season entirely).

Yellow PansyPurple PansyDo you remember my little mojito garden I planted two years ago, when I was a rather dedicated blogger and never failed to fulfill my daily post?  That garden has changed quite a bit.  The mint, as mint always does for me, failed to really take hold, so it is now a small part of the garden, and I planted clearance pansies toward the front corner.  I have always loved pansies, and would like to fill my whole yard with them, but 12 plants is all I could find of the big, blowsy kind I like.

Lime BlossomLi'l bud!For the past two years, I have been watching my lime tree, waiting for it to burst out in blossoms.  I didn’t do much to it, because it’s a tree, after all, and what do you need to do to a tree?  Well, about a week or so ago, I found the citrus and mango fertilizer I had bought when I first planted it, and decided to fertilize it.  Within a day or two, the lower limbs had a bevy of blossoms!  I hope this means that the upper limbs will also grow them as the nutrients move through the tree.  Is that how it works?  In any case, I plan to fertilize more often now, and hope that I will get some fruit.

azalea bokehspotsThe azaleas around the side of the house have been booming for the last couple of weeks now.  Azaleas are funny about the heat and cold; these started blossoming on a day with a frost warning, and haven’t stopped since.  Some of the blossoms are perfect and beautiful, but others have white spots on them, almost as if the rain had washed out the color.

banana flagLast week, on one of the dry days, my husband went out and cut back all the brown stalks and leaves on the banana tree.  I have read that you will get more bananas if you don’t cut them back, but I will probably never find out if that is true.  It’s amazing how quickly the new green leaves have grown in.  By next month, I expect the whole tree to be green and lush, with huge leaves.


red on blueRemember the maple tree helicopters from when you were a kid?  We would split the seed and put the sticky ends on our noses to pretend we were rhinos!  Our maple trees have smaller helicopters, so that wouldn’t work, but they are a beautiful red that stands out against the brilliant blue of the sky.

tricolorOr the green of the oak trees.

talk to meEverywhere, leaves are bursting forth on the deciduous trees.  This is the first spring since I’ve been here that it has been this noticeable; usually it seems that they grow in at different times.  Many trees never seem to fully lose their leaves, but this year, they did.



Nature’s first green is gold,
Her hardest hue to hold.
Her early leaf’s a flower;
But only so an hour.
Then leaf subsides to leaf,
So Eden sank to grief,
So dawn goes down to day
Nothing gold can stay. 

– Robert Frost


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