Running with the Devil

TmyxiPiqQkfPGzBX_fMtIc_X2lmAE_aSGJLTpFvHZ7I,gIAnI4i3z32wFwJ25_FF5nrVeIc3VPH6HB4fMjpdzZ0Well, maybe not running, but walking at least.  It has been far too long since I did any adventuring, so I headed over to the Devil’s Millhopper.  Of course, as soon as I got there, I remembered taking out my camera’s SD card and tossing it on my nightstand where it was doing me no good at all.  I did have my phone with me, though, so I used it.

1g2yf9robzYxHf5rWFzQ8ZewWFShQrqdIwEmkwSnqYY,ReU5pqEwvF2JeTqnDiVYfdKEdkhSohuxSimcc8yWMMQDevil’s Millhopper is a sinkhole that has become part of the Florida State Park system.  I have a pass that gets me in all the parks, but I forgot to bring it so I had to pay the $4 fee.  Yep, I’m a little out of practice at this whole adventuring thing lately.

Y7ZR1zthc6i6qONf1tQTR1DD_RYnEm77FAk0g_-FAxs,Pz8t2S4nTNxowHyzivpzT5iyPgo6d4Tznk1ZIoNLSRITo get to the bottom of the sinkhole, you have to walk down approximately 300 stairs.  There are landings along the way, and plenty of beauty to gawk at, so you don’t need to feel rushed to do these stairs.  There are people who use them as an athletic exercise, just because they’re there.


Every time I come here, it’s a little different.  Many of the trees have lost all their leaves at this point, creating a misty screen around the sinkhole.

qXyRlnYHAm6aWcxMSskR1srKv57doX9SrwAXEv3wsIg g3MmPzLyDy4kiHfM5ElB-01YdZaR_Y-9oRontbwUU4E,fMyBy7aFLIhQyFjdZDyMwdLAdWr_mzApjTwPDV5H-ds GMvg5kOzPlafLd88zdAve4OL5Mkzf9ZNa4RInz7IitQ,aXpIakQIvTny0Sz_WBxsBe53gl5VJX_02Mrb1TC_2_U o3jFAFAZEi9lqN_pmae048dMXVVPU-_FMIIe8cfTV4w,c2ZF5hLaIn8wxSNtbOh4WIcjff5xUct8sNrv2Z1KgM0This time, the water was rushing, so that almost as soon as we got out of the car, we could hear it.



There was a lake at the bottom, where usually there is a stream, and all the little waterfalls around the hole were streaming into the pond.

qyCBqHnr7JTJoVssnRF0807ZuTuxIw4FR4Imrsg3jXM,5Yr7INwCkal37AfS4YFlAv88VRkaI1_N5MBzzD3nnec Although this winter has been less green than it often is around here, down in the Devil’s Millhopper, it is still green with ferns and mosses that grow on the exposed limestone.

QU-vvkdUAZa9-8eUiCehYe5FDM4zGAckI0idThQtElcComing down the stairs is fairly easy, but going back up them can be daunting, especially with lungs inflamed from a recent cold.




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