The Payoff

HomeOne of the hazards of being a rookie Realtor is not having the experience to know what lenders and insurers are going to need for a given property.  I found this out the hard way when on Monday, two days before Christmas, I was asked about the WDO (Wood Destroying Organisms) and well water report for a property that was supposed to close on Thursday.  These are required by the VA, and someone with a little more experience may have known about it, but I was blindsided.  Fortunately, we were able to get an extension to Tuesday, New Year’s Eve, so that we could get it taken care of.

stumpedthe reachfallen*****

I wasn’t at all worried about the WDO.  After all, it’s a concrete block home with no reason to suspect termites (not that a concrete block home is immune to them).  The well water report worried me a lot more, because as far as I could tell, the power was off and the pump was inoperable because of this.  The power company in Levy County is not exactly the easiest to deal with, and just made things more difficult.  On top of that, the health department in Levy County only accepts samples on Wednesdays.  Could this deal really be doomed for a water test?


Taking it one step at a time, I called to set up the termite inspection, and decided to research the well issue.  Alachua County would accept my water sample, if I could get it.  I took my husband out with me to the inspection, hoping he could help me figure out how to get the sample.  Wouldn’t you know it, the termite inspection turned up some minor issues that wouldn’t hinder most closings, but this was VA financed and ANY problems with the WDO could kill the deal. (For the record, this is not the house, just an outbuilding that fortunately does not have to be inspected).

pine blossomsHowever, while I was out there, I discovered that the main switch was off, but the power was on!  We got the pump working, got the sample and rushed it over to the Health Department (where the most helpful people in the world work).  Then a few miracles occurred and I managed to arrange for repairs, the water sample came back clean, and a problem with the buyer’s insurance was solved.  Tomorrow morning, I will be out there again for the final termite inspection, and on Tuesday, this beautiful property should have a new owner.

curlscactuslooking down*****

As a closing gift to the new owner, I’m planning to print out and frame one of these photos.  Which one would you want?




2 thoughts on “The Payoff

  1. I’d want the shed because I was going to tear it down and this was my only record of its existence. Actually the tree with pinecones appeals to me most.

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