Morning Reflections

boats & trees

3 boats and a lake

The last few weeks have been wonderfully busy for me.  I have a new listing, have been showing houses like mad, am working on getting everything settled for my first closing, and have negotiated a somewhat difficult contract.  There was a really nice week in all this where I got to go to Pensacola and visit my mother for a week.  Honestly, that isn’t really a good excuse for ignoring this blog for all that time.  In Pensacola, I did take some photos, but I just couldn’t write about them.

dockpeaceI have missed you, my faithful reader, and I have missed my stomp-arounds, my treks through the wildnerness with my camera.  Somehow I haven’t managed to get out and do something about it, but a Facebook conversation with my brother spurred me to get down to the lake.  He told me I needed to show off my Florida warmth by taking pictures with sand, as another brother had done.  The problem is, there is no sand around here.  I suggested the lake, he suggested swimming in it.  There are alligators in the lake, and it’s 17 feet deep at the edges, so I am not swimming in it.  Just take my word for it, it’s warm here.

barely a rippleThe morning lake is a perfect place for calm, with barely a ripple moving across it.  At this time of year, there is little activity from the wildlife, and little to distract from just admiring the beauty.  I took this time to enjoy the moment, not thinking of the day to come or of anything but the beauty that surrounds me.

through trees lightlyWhen I was ready, I continued my walk around the neighborhood, coming back to my own yard and evidence that it is, indeed, fall in Florida.

fall in florida


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