Down in Hawthorne

blue skyI have suddenly gotten very busy with my real estate business in the last couple of weeks.  I have several active customers, and a good number of potential ones as well.  This is wonderful, except that I am trying to go out of town for the next week, since my mother’s birthday is two days before Thanksgiving and she lives in Pensacola.  So, today, the day I am planning to leave, I ended up having to let a termite inspector into a home one of my customers is considering buying in Hawthorne, before heading to my floor duty back here in Gainesville.

water & skyOn my way to the home, the inspector called with an ETA a little later than I expected, so I stopped by  to take some photos at a boat ramp in Hawthorne.  The last time I was out here, I shot a few of my favorite photos ever.  It was still beautiful, but very different this time.  Last year, we were in the middle of a drought when I went there, and the edges of the lake were very marshy.  That drought is over now, so there was much more lake and fewer marshes.

sunning vulturesanhingasThis is still a place where the birds love to be.  Vultures congregated in the parking lot, and sunned themselves on the benches, while anhingas chose to use the branches of submerged trees to do the same.

double visionIbisEgrets and ibis strutted along the edges, looking for a meal.

IMGP0218Although I love to see birds and wildlife on my adventures, often it is the flora that really ignites my imagination.  You, my faithful reader, will probably remember my love for cypress knees.  Dappled with sunlight, they make my heart beat ever faster.

scrimOh, and scrims of trees that let the light shine through, how could I not love these after taking Professor Charlie Hailey’s porch class?  The perfect poetry of layers that let in just enough to tantalize.

spanish mossSimilarly, the Spanish moss that veils the trees, shrouding them in mystery excites me to the core.  Pale green lace hangs like a ghostly form, letting in selective rays of sunlight.

IMGP0216Does it surprise you, my gentle reader, to know that I was late to the meeting?



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