St. Augustine Beach

the pierWe trekked over to St. Augustine today for a Greek Fest, which is a wonderful celebration of food, food & more food.  That was what I thought I would blog about, but when we got there, I really didn’t feel like bringing out the camera, and since I had just discovered that Instagram isn’t really all about making pictures look old (although you can certainly do that), so I stuck my phone in my pocket and Instagrammed the Fest.  If you want to see that, I am starkwe19 over there (can you imagine, starkwe was already taken!?).

shadows on the beachlacewaterMy youngest, who turns 16 this weekend, got bored quickly and wanted to go to a beach, so after eating our fill and buying half the baked goods they had, we headed off to find the beach, just as the sun was sinking and the shadows were lengthening.  I had recently gotten a new lens and thought this would be a great time to try it out.  This was my first time using a lens with such a short focal length, so I was excited to about it.

IMGP9740 IMGP9738 IMGP9737The first thing I noticed is that with a lens like this, you have got to be careful with your horizons.  All three of these photos were shot from the same position, i just tilted the camera a bit for each.  It’s pretty easy to see why this type of lens is known as a fish eye lens!

IMGP9747In addition to the strangeness of this new lens, the angle of the sun demanded care to frame my shots.  Shadows were long, and it became a challenge to find ways to hide my own shadow.  Other than turning slightly, one way I worked with this was to find shadows to hide myself in, such as this shadow of one of the beach pavilions that I used in the example above.

waves on shorebenchDespite my pledge to bring you the lesser-known parts of Florida, I always love to find myself at a beach.  People come from all over the world to visit these beaches that are so close to me, and with good reason.  The natural scenery is gorgeous, but the man-made interventions are also often stunning.

beach dayyellow boardIt was a beautiful day for the beach; low 80s and still sunny.  The sky was a stunning blue and the water had just enough wave to be fun.  I’ve laughed about the idea of surfing in Florida, because I know the waves are nothing like the California and Hawaii waves I’ve seen on TV, but there were plenty of surfers out there, and they really looked like they were having fun.

IMGP9707The best part of the trip was the sisters having fun together playing on the beach.  Someday they may find others to share their lives with, but for now, they have each other.


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