It’s great to be a Florida Gator!

it's great to be a FL gatorToday was the opening day for college football all over the country.  Sure, there were a couple of games yesterday, and there will be a few tomorrow, but the ones that matter happened today.  Well, the only one that really matters happened today – the Gators played Toledo and scored a nice victory.

working in the studiotools of the tradedesksFor all the years I have lived here, I have planned my weekends around Gator game day traffic.  Most of the time, I was planning to be on campus early, so that I could park somewhere near my studio.  Because this was my life before I graduated.  Architecture students do not have time for football; they are always working to a deadline.

bike w/balloons student ticketdiscarded*****

When I didn’t have to be at the studio working, I did everything I could to avoid being near the university before or after game time.  However, since my daughter now has a job on campus, and since she does not have a license yet, and since she had to be at work across from the stadium at 5:00, I found myself wandering onto campus soon after the game ended.

empty seatstrashAlthough the crowds were gone, evidence of the game remained as I wandered through the stadium and out onto the field.  Discarded souvenirs, empty food containers, and general debris marred the perfection of the stadium.

clean up crewBut the cleanup crew was on the way!  Walking The Walk that the team follows to great fanfare, a cadre of workers marched quietly along, picking up trash as they went along.

Come Tuesday morning, the campus will be restored to its normal beauty.



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