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This is the SwampI think it’s safe to say that Gainesville is a football town, and you could even go so far as to say that University of Florida revolves around football.  That’s not to say the academics are not first-rate (they most certainly are), but what brings it all together is the football team.

dark & lightrampToday I found myself on campus right next to the stadium and thought it would be a fine subject for a post.  So I wandered into the stadium and up the ramps, happily snapping away.  Stadiums are all exposed structure and repetition that just makes me so happy.

National ChampionsIMGP9190looking down*****

When I got to the bleachers, I was thrilled to see that there was a practice going on!  Gators all over the field!  I snapped a few shots of the players (which will NOT be posted here, other than that one up there where they aren’t doing anything) and proceeded to my real purpose, the stadium itself.

carAll of a sudden, someone came running up the stadium steps, and told me to put the camera away.  No cameras allowed during practice!  He told me that I could keep the ones of the stadium, but not the players.  So I walked back out of the stadium and down the ramps, still snapping photos here and there.

HeismanAs far as action goes, you, my dear and faithful readers, will have to be content with the UF Heisman winners.


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