Hitting the Trails

San FeslascoIt has been a long time since I did a trail post, hasn’t it?  Today, I headed out to San Felasco State Park, the one on Millhopper.  San Felasco can get a little confusing, since there are several entrances and areas to explore.  Up in Alachua, there is a horse trail and a bike trail that are part of San Felasco.  Across the street from this part of San Felasco is a bike trail/running path that’s about 5 miles long.  Back over by the Cox building on 43rd, there is  a city park that is also called San Felasco.  That is the one to go to if you’re in the mood to really get lost in the city.  Literally lost.

canopyThis part of San Felasco is always a little difficult to capture, and today was no exception.  Aside from the fact that my camera’s battery ran out before I finished the trail, there are many beautiful areas that really lack a focal point.  The green canopy here is amazing and beautiful, but so much more so in person than in a photo.

oyster mushroomsclamshellsThe small things along the trail are always interesting, however.  It has been a very damp year, so fungus is growing everywhere.  I love these mushrooms, which my husband identified as oyster mushrooms.  They look like clam shells to me, as if they could be growing at the bottom of the sea.

yellow flowersDelicate flowers can be spotted along the trail here and there, although the heat of summer means that they are few and far between.  As refreshing as the green of the forest can be, the occasional spot of yellow is a welcome sight.

mossesThe delicacy of the forest does not end at the flowers.  Mosses grow on tree limbs, lacy and light in beautiful shades of turquoise.  It’s easier to miss these bits of lace, but if you slow down and look, you will find them.



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