Under the Bridge

Rachel Road

There’s a little secret I need to let you in on; I’m a little bit of a lazy photographer.  I set my camera dial to Aperture Priority and expect it to stay that way.  It usually does, but every once in a while, it gets bumped and changed and I go out to take photos and don’t check it.  Yes, I should be able to tell that from my display, but I don’t usually pay much attention to anything but the aperture.  So, this is a long way of saying that the first set of photos I took today, at the Mahon Park by the Oaks Mall, were worthless.

lines & curvescome together

tracks & bridgeHowever, I was in the mood to explore, so when I went up to Alachua, the city, today, I stopped on the side of Rachel Road, under the 441 bridge that goes over the railroad tracks and stomped around for a while.

drawing inunder the bridge

I don’t know about you, perhaps I am strange, but there is something about lines and elements coming together that just makes my heart beat a little faster.  Bridges, with all their structural repetition, are wonderful places to find instances of this.  Lines parallel and perpendicular offer up their perspective on the matter, drawing you in and inviting you to stay a while.

My longtime readers will know well that I love trains, and structures, so bridge + railroad tracks = LOVE for me.


softeningThe vegetation that grows up around everything here just adds that much more character.

scaleswelcomeHave I mentioned that things grow in Florida?  Molds and mildews create scaly patterns on the structure, while vines begin to climb the columns, blurring the sharpness of their edges and inviting wildlife to come and stay.




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