Home Again

Hidden LakeI find myself apologizing for a long absence yet again.  There have been so many things going on, including a major career change and a return to Gainesville.  As much as I loved the beaches near DeLand, it wasn’t enough to compensate for being away from my family for most of the week.  More and more, I found myself missing the trails and trees of Gainesville and the company of my family.  So I am back, and will probably stay here for a good long time.  Enjoy some scenes from my neighborhood while I tell you all about it.  Sorry for the dust on the lens; I need to give my camera a good cleaning.

seeing doubleMoving back required some serious consideration of my career.  Gainesville is beautiful and wonderful, but there are not many architecture jobs available around here, especially for a newby.  My love for homes and design led me to a career I’d been toying with for a while, real estate.  It seems like the perfect fit for me; I love houses and have always wanted to help people find a home.  I know quite a bit about houses, and can help people see beyond the paint.  And then, there is the photography.  If any of you are like me and love to look through the houses on Realtor.com or Zillow or wherever, you know that the pictures matter.  So, finally, photography will be part of my job!

IMGP8536I chose to sign on with Bosshardt Realty Services, because in Gainesville (if you’re in the market, give them a call and ask for me!), they are everywhere.  They also have a New Homes Division, which is what really drew me in.  Older houses are wonderful, and I love them, but new homes give you a chance to interact with the builders, to give them ideas to make their homes even better.  I love that idea.

palm frondsfenceIf you’re a long-time reader and you happened to click on my About page, you’ll see that I’m changing my focus just a little bit.  Instead of looking inward and focusing on finding my own happiness through this blog, I’m starting to look outward, to focus on what others want and need to see around Gainesville.  In the end, it may look exactly the same to you, my dear reader, but the difference to me is that my original goal was accomplished.


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