Weekly Photo Challenge: My Neighborhood

ShamrockI’m cheating a little bit here, because I don’t have an iPhone.  My phone is one I got off eBay because it has a full keyboard and I can’t pocket dial it.  They don’t make them anymore, but I’ve heard that the newer phones are almost impossible to pocket dial, so when my renewal is up, I’ll try again.  In the meantime, I take photos with my camera.  And as I promised, I am including some Florida green for my loyal followers.

Since I’m in Gainesville today, I chose to use my Gainesville neighborhood for this challenge, and started in my own front yard, with a shamrock.  I love these little flowers that grow like weeds around here.  Must be the Irish in me.

the lakeNext stop was the lake, of course.  Between the sun and the wind, there were no reflections today, but the sky was amazingly blue.

treeskysilver & blue


In fact, I fell completely in love with the sky today.  The greening of the trees didn’t hurt that feeling a bit.

Even the ones that haven’t greened up were beautiful against the blue of the sky.  Silver branches on blue may have been the inspiration for Tiffany’s boxes, don’t you think?

forest of flowers pick me!*****

Closer to the ground, a forest of flowers blooms, while a maple leaf lifts its hand and says “Pick me!”

spring riot azaleas over the fencehighboyOne of the things that never ceases to amaze me in Florida is how often, and how long, the azaleas bloom.  After almost any cold snap, even if it’s only a few hours, the azaleas will burst forth into their wild blooms.  These are not the small flowers I was familiar with in Virginia, but rather huge, showy blooms.  I do sometimes miss those smaller flowers, and the larger variety of colors, but I love these ones as well.  The bushes themselves grow huge as well.  That flower is just above my roof line.  It may not be the most beautiful specimen, and its siblings have withered away during our relatively cold week, but I love the heights it has reached.

wild roseMy favorite thing of all was an accidental find.  I went around behind my house and saw something white in the wilds.  At first, I couldn’t tell if it was trash or a flower, so I went closer and found this single bloom on a wild rose.  A real wild rose, not the kind you sometimes find planted in a garden, but a rose that grew out here with no coaxing.  The smell was heavenly, and I am hoping that it grows like crazy out here in the back.


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