Zee Box

Now that I got my run in, it’s time for my other favorite box, MistoBox!  Aren’t you glad I’m posting twice in one day?

Yes, yes, I promise that this weekend, you will get greenery instead of boxes!  But right now, I have boxes.

Zee Card

I have loved coffee all my life.  My mother tells me that I used to steal it when I was way too young to remember such a thing.  I do remember going to A&P with my dad and smelling the 8 O’Clock as the machine ground it up and spit it back into the bag.  What a wonderful smell!  Now you can buy 8 O’Clock at any grocery store, and it just doesn’t seem to taste the same.

Zee DescriptionsAnyway, yes, I can be one of those annoying people who will tell you how to brew coffee for the best results, and I may roll my eyes if you put sugar in your coffee (although I have come to appreciate how wonderfully cream can enhance some brews).  I don’t go as far as some do and insist on weighing my coffee and measuring my water exactly, because that’s not how I cook anything.

pretty paperSo, when I found out about subscription boxes, I searched for a coffee one.  There are several, but most of them seem to send the same thing every time, or you get to choose what you want and they send it to you.  That’s not what I want out of these boxes.  I’m looking for a little excitement, a chance to try something I wouldn’t otherwise, and I really just like to get a surprise in the mail.  MistoBox is exactly what I was looking for.  Every month, you get to try four different coffees, freshly roasted, from small-batch roasters around the country.  There’s a little bit of coffee snobbery on the website, but not too much.  And mostly they agree with me, so you know they’re right.

beautiful coffeeI could have cheated and looked at the website to see what was in my box, but I didn’t.  So when I opened it up, I saw these little beauties, and my heart sang.

PANTHER!But when I saw this, I squealed!  PANTHER COFFEE!  I mean, I do live in Florida, and one of my goals in life is to see a real Florida panther.  When I read the list (which I photographed up there ^ before reading), I found out that it is from a Florida roaster.  Well, that means that of course I had to write about it on my Florida blog, right?

I’m so glad you see it my way.

IMGP7617Usually I am a pour-over coffee drinker.  It’s simple, cheap, quick, and really, really good.  I don’t have the Japanese pour-over kit, just a nice ceramic Melitta-style one and a regular tea kettle.  To me, the ceramic is nicer than plastic because it doesn’t add any flavor, but plastic works, too.  One thing I have noticed is that a lot of people will use some kind of a stand so they can see how full their cup is.  When you do that, it seems that the coffee comes out tasting a bit thinner (which I believe was the idea behind Krups AromaSavor back when Krups made a really good brewer).  Put the dripper on the mug, and peek at it every once in a while.  Or make it in the sink so there’s no mess to clean up.

Now that I’ve said all that, with last month’s batch of coffees, I ended up using a French press because I’m used to a darker roast than these ones (yeah, I drink Starbucks).  The French press allows for a fuller flavor from the lighter roast.  It’s almost as easy as pour-over, and it is easier to make coffee for more than one at a time by French press.  And if you need to buy one, MistoBox will be glad to sell you one.  Or they can sell you the Japanese pour over kit.  Or the Aeropress, which I haven’t tried yet.

Now, I know some people look for bargains in their boxes.  Generally, I am one of them.  For $15, you get 8 ounces of coffee in a MistoBox, or you can go to your local store and buy a one-pound bag of 8 O’Clock for $7.  More coffee sounds better, but you know what?  Coffee is one of those things that just is worth paying for.  And MistoBox does offer a free shipping on one bag of your favorite monthly brew.

If you want to subscribe to MistoBox, click here,, and tell them Margaret Hoffman sent you.  Your first box will be $5, and you can decide after that if you want to stay with them.  You probably will.

And if I’m going to keep posting these reviews, I better get some better lighting.



4 thoughts on “Coffee!

  1. I have never heard of misto box before. Im not really a coffee drinker, buuuut, who knows, I may try this just for the heck of it :). Ill have to suggest this to a friend of mine tho.

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