Another Stridebox!

just keep runningConsidering how little I’ve been running lately, I am ridiculously excited about my Stridebox.  I have to get back on track so I can use all this wonderful stuff!

And I’m very sorry that I’m such an infrequent poster these days.  Maybe with the time change next week I can get out in the daylight a little more often and get some photos worth showing.

Or at least go to the beach again, where I will gladly take lousy photos to share with my loyal readers.

pink wrist walletBack to the Stridebox!  It is fantastically stuffed full of the things I always want, beginning with a lightweight wrist wallet in bright pink.  I’m not sure if I got pink because they paid attention to gender, or if they just happened to be at a pink one when my box was there.  In any case, I’m so very glad I got it, because I’m always trying to figure out what to do with a bit of cash, or an ID, or my key.  This is the perfect solution, which I will try out tonight.

guNow this is what I really, really need to take a long run for.  Gu in peanut butter flavor.  Peanut butter!  Some people may get excited over chocolate, but for me, give me peanut butter any day!

Okay, yeah, I’ll take the chocolate, too.

IMGP7579Oh, yeah, and I’ll take espresso, too!  Click Espresso Protein Drink, to be used hot or cold, or blended.  This is meant to be used after a run, but I’ll probably have it for breakfast.  Along with the Kind bar.  I’ve had those before, and like them, but I’m not really sure they’re geared toward runners.  It isn’t something I’d want to eat right before or after a workout.  Nuts and caramel just don’t go with sweat in my book.

runguardAnd YAY!  Something to try besides BodyGlide, which is fine, don’t think I’m knocking it, but it sometimes isn’t quite enough.  I’m hoping that Run Guard will do the trick for me.  If not, it’s back to 2Toms, even if I do have to buy the stuff way too often.

winWIN laundry detergent for stinky clothes.  I’ve been making do with lots of good ol’ 20 Mule Team Borax because I’m too cheap to buy these detergents, but I’ll be glad to try something else.

power iceHello, Power Ice!  Where were you when I had sick kids who couldn’t eat?  I used to make PowerAde and Gatorade popsicles when I had sick kids, but I never thought of doing it for me.  D’oh!  You better believe these will be enjoyed, because, hey, I live in Florida.  Sorry for the completely blurry photo, but I only took one at this stage, so of course, I did it badly.

And I’m sorry to all my northern friends who like to visit my blog for greenery.  I need to get on that this weekend.

picky, pickyThen there is a Picky Bars, in All-In-Almond flavor.  It’s vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free, and tells me “It’s freaking science, dude.”  Honestly, this will probably be a work snack, because it doesn’t seem like running food to me.

IMGP7587Overall, it’s a pretty nice haul for a $15 box.  There are also several coupon codes printed on the info card, and one for Skora, which “is making it easier to LOVE YOUR RUN AGAIN.”  I will hope over to their site soon.

If you want to subscribe to Stridebox, here’s a link:  They don’t have any referral bonuses yet, and the site is fairly barebones, but I love them anyway.

Do you like these reviews?  Should I keep doing them here, or should I start up a review blog for them?  I’ll be posting one for MistoBox soon.  After that, I’ll get in some of my normal Florida posts.




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