Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique

muscovy-mallardOn my way home from work tonight, I was passing the park and saw a beautiful heron sitting on a rock.  Since I had managed to bring my camera with me (although not my favorite lens), I decided to risk inflaming my bronchia (which are not yet completely recovered), and hopped out to take some photos along the trail.  When I stepped out of my car, the first thing I saw was a big group of ducks.  Now, in some parks, you might find mallards, or domestic whites, or teals, or muscovies.  At this park, you might find any one of these, but more likely, you’ll see a mutt, like this one.  Truly unique, each one of these ducks is some mixture of any number of more ordinary ducks.  I’m not sure why they interbreed so much here, but it’s fun trying to sort out the mixes.

ducksOh, and since I stopped for the heron, here he is, too.  Not so unique, but striking nonetheless.

heron on rock


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