Striding along

So tonight, I’m doing something a little bit different for me.  Apparently, it’s not so different from what a lot of other bloggers do, but I’m new to this.  You see, I recently discovered subscription boxes, and I’m fascinated by them.  So far, I’ve subscribed to BirchBox, Julep Maven, MistoBox, and StrideBox.  Since this is StrideBox‘s premiere box, they asked us all to photograph or video our box opening.  Since I have just been diagnosed with bronchitis and am pretty much confined to home, I decided I might as well do it.  Forgive me for the photography; it was already dark by the time I got to open it, and it really isn’t quite what I’m used to capturing.

the boxStrideBox is a subscription box for runners, which makes it slightly painful to get when I have bronchitis.  I also got my new Suunto Quest Heart Rate Monitor today, and a new pair of running shoes (Brooks PureConnect2) since I got sick.  This is pure torture, having all this new, cool stuff to play with when I’m coughing my lungs out.
info cardAnyway, the box is pretty cool, and a bit larger than most of these boxes are.  I like the “Just Keep Running” tape on it, but I’m a little silly like that.  When I opened it, the first thing I saw was the info card, which is pretty standard with subscription boxes.  They tend to be a little easier to read than the instructions on some of those packages.  This one had websites and discount codes for most of the products.

bottle & lacesBeneath the blue tissue paper was a foldable bottle that’s pretty cool.  It shrinks as you drink,  Underneath that was a pair of shoelaces that don’t need to be tied, ever.  Now that’s something I can really use, since I can never keep a pair of shoes tied for more than a mile or two.  Of course, my new shoes have awesome neon green laces, so maybe I’ll try these ones out on my old shoes first.

stuffhammer barstingerguA couple of pain relief gels were next, followed by all the wonderful nutrition and electrolyte things I’d been hoping for.  Skratch Labs Hydration Mix in two flavors, a Hammer Bar, easy to eat, high energy nutrition bar, and Endurolytes Tab, for a few extra electorlytes, Honey Stinger Organic Energy Gel, which I’ve been wanting to try, Gu Chomps Energy Chews, for quick energy on long runs when you don’t feel like sucking down a tube of frosting-like goo, and a MazamaBar, for quick nutrition before a run.

IMGP7298Somewhere in the middle of all that, I found a trio (but only photographed two, because I found the last a little later) of On The Go Towels for Men, which the info card promises are not just for men.  I can see these being especially useful after a race, when you can’t really go home and shower while you’re waiting for the award ceremony.  They’d also be nice when you have to go to the store on your way home from a run, or when you have to haul sweaty kids from one soccer game to another.

All the stuff!Overall, I’d have to say StrideBox was a little better than I expected, and definitely worth the price.  Some of these boxes have stores attached where you can buy what comes in them, but StrideBox doesn’t have that.  They do offer discount codes for most of the products, though.  If you’re interested in getting in on it, hit the StrideBox name anywhere in this post.  If you aren’t, don’t worry, I’ll be back to my usual blogging with my next post.

infoDo you get any subscription boxes?  Which ones are your favorites?


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