New Traditions

Santa hatsFor years I have wished for a white Christmas, aching for snowy days to go along with the Dickensian image that we see in the media, and on holiday cards, and even in music.  Even though I grew up where it gets cold at Christmas, and where snowstorms are fairly common, I’ve never actually seen a white Christmas, but that never stopped me from hoping for one.




Even this year, I was pretty happy that it cooled down this week, but I was content knowing that there would be no snow.  Somehow, I have come to peace with the fact that I live in Florida, and I’ve given up on that perfect Christmas in favor of a fun Christmas.  So, when the kids suggested a trip to the beach (inspired by a boogie board under the tree), it seemed like the right thing to do and we did it.  We changed into bathing suits, jumped in the car, and headed out to New Smyrna.  The water was cold, and there wasn’t really much surf for the boogie board, but it was peaceful and relaxing to just be out, having fun.


We weren’t the only ones there.  It seems that Christmas on the beach is actually somewhat common around here.  People play in the water, ride on the beach, and build sand castles on this holiday.  It’s a busy enough day that there is a lifeguard stationed out here, keeping an eye on the swimmers.


This is one activity that I’m pretty sure will make it as a new tradition.  Next year, I am planning to be in a condo on the beach at Christmas, either one that I own, or a weekly rental.  What could be a better present than waking up to the sound of waves on the beach?

I hope that all of you, my faithful readers, have found some small bit of peace during these holidays as well.


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