‘Bama Bound

It’s been way too long since I posted!  I miss having the time to explore, photograph, and write, but I love having my job, so I guess it’s all good.  This post is going to be full of broken rules, starting with the place.  I took a field trip to Alabama to ride down the Tensaw River with my sister.  Then there’s the pesky little post within 24 hours rule.  Well, I got back too late to post, then spent the next day in the car, and have been working ever since.  But I thought this trip was worth breaking a rule or two.  And I would like to stress that my post-processing/Photoshop rule still applies.  I don’t do it in this blog, nor Instagram nor special filters or anything of the sort.


It was a beautiful day for a boat trip.  Sure, it was a little colder than most people would want, but a little chill was worth it for the beauty of the river in the fall.  Not to mention the wonderful company of my family.


So armed only with the most non-nutritive provisions possible, along with several leather jackets and sweaters, we headed out under the CSX bridge.  Sure, there was plenty of wonderful scenery, but how could I resist this structure?  Or the color?  And the concrete island?

I am not at all sure why there is a little house in the big bridge, but it’s kind of cool, isn’t it?

Once we got past the bridge, it was all about the nature.  Down inlets we went, enjoying the crisp air and the bright blue sky.  Trees line the shores, including twisted cypress and this beautiful tall tree dressed out in fall colors.

A trail of stars followed us on the river.

As did a few seagulls who seemed to like the food we had to offer.  Did you know there are more seagulls now than when the Europeans first came to the continent?  That’s because they like our junk food and our trash heaps.  Apparently, vitamins and minerals mean nothing to them.

Our destination was an island (or actually a peninsula, but island just sounds better).  My sister says that there are usually people on the beach here, but today, it was deserted, making it look like a Hollywood movie set for a rather benevolent Armageddon.  It really did feel like we were the only ones left in the world.


When the sun began changing, we knew it was time to head back.  Nobody wanted to leave, but we weren’t prepared to stay all night.  Especially since every last chip had been eaten long ago.

So we headed back toward the pink of the sky in high spirits, but with a tinge of sadness that the day would soon end.


4 thoughts on “‘Bama Bound

  1. I love the photos. Reminds me of where I grew up in Southern Mississippi. I think the little house on the train bridge is for the bridge operator. A section of it should turn 90 degrees to allow tall boats to pass.

    • Thanks – that makes a lot of sense. And since this was Southern Alabama, I’m not too surprised it would look like Southern Mississippi! Beautiful places, both of them.

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