In my dreams

Back in Gainesville again, where I am sure that my neighbors think I’m insane.  It all started with a sunset.  I looked out the window, and the sky was putting on a show.  That led to me grabbing my camera from the car out front, where I started taking photos of trees silhouetted against the sky, and was a little disappointed by the shapes of the trees.  Then I thought of the sycamore tree on the other side of the house.

I’m a little obsessed with that sycamore tree.  I dream of this tree, which happens to be the view from my bathroom window.  It’s got a beautiful silhouette that just begs to be turned into art.  From the ground tonight, it was pretty enough, but I wanted to be closer.

So what would I do, but drag out a ladder, place it near the branch (on less than perfectly even ground), and climb up it to take a photo.  Of course, this was during prime dog walking time, so yes, I was seen by many neighbors.  I did like the perspective better, but the sunset was already over by now.  Ah, well, I’ll hang onto my dreams and hope to capture it all next time.


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