Hurricane Preparation, Florida Style

When I walked out this morning, the weather was in a restless mood, balmy, a little windy, and prickly somehow.  Later on today, when people actually started leaving work on time instead of staying a little late to catch up on things, I found out that we are in the ALERT zone for Hurricane Sandy, and they wanted to get home before the weather got bad.  Yeah, these people are not from around here.

The weather still isn’t bad, and probably won’t be until tomorrow or even Saturday, but what else could I possibly do but get my camera and head to the beach?  Yes, I know.  Behind the Scenes has been pretty touristy the past couple of months, but I live near a BEACH now!  I just can’t ignore that, can I?

It’s getting dark a lot earlier these days, and I still haven’t gotten around to getting a tripod, so the camera didn’t do quite as much good as I’d like.  The water was impossible to get much of, but it was so exciting, crashing and soaring over the sand.  There were tidal pools that ran almost all the way up to the buildings.

The wind was strong, although nothing like hurricane strength.  MJ leaned into it, letting it hold her up, and we both laughed at each other’s hair.


We weren’t the only ones out there.  This is Florida, after all, and hurricanes are our best excitement.  We even saw a few people here and there brave the water, although I certainly wasn’t going to go that far.  Mostly people walked along the boardwalk, letting the wind blow their hair and enjoying the feeling of abandon that hurricanes bring.  The air crackles with excitement as Mother Nature reminds humanity that she is in charge, after all.

And there is nothing to do about it but throw a party and toss up a prayer.


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