Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy

My whole blog is about things that make me happy, so this one was almost too easy.  I decided to push it a little and do something that makes many people happy: the beach.  As much as I love snow and ice and winter, it is kind of nice being able to go to the beach in October, when most of the tourists are busy at work.

It seems that every time we go to the beach, it’s rainy and overcast, but that doesn’t bother me at all.  MJ is just fine with it as well, since she’s already wet anyway.  Please note, the people in these images are random beach people, not anyone I know.  Well, except the head you may be able to see bobbing above the water in the one at the top.  That’s MJ.  She doesn’t often get close enough to the beach for me to capture.


We went over to the boardwalk today, where the rides and shops are, although it isn’t really a boardwalk anymore.  There are no boards, except on the pier.  The rest of it is fancy brick or concrete work that was designed more for looks and longevity than it was for comfortable walking.  Ah, I guess things must change, and it does look pretty.

Then again, some things never change.

The pier has a foundation made of coquina stones, which are a Florida specialty.  The rough stones are formed of seashells, which you can see when you get close to them.  The fanciful base is wonderful and beachy and beautiful, like an enormous sandcastle.

Daytona Beach really makes me happy.  There’s something about it that just makes me feel at home, although I’ve never lived near a beach like this before.  It is a perfect combination of wonderful nature and fantastic manmade creations.

The boardwalk is wonderful, but the water is even better.  This is what makes me dream of someday living right on the beach, where I can walk out my own door and enjoy these waves any time I like.  Now that’s a happy thought.


I hope the photos make you happy as well.


4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy

  1. I love any beach in the off season when the crowds are gone (though up here that means it’s usually too cold to swim, the solitude is worth it). Also love your photos of the Ferris wheel and along the boardwalk. Something about the overcast day and lack of crowds make them particularly cool, a little haunting maybe.

    • I am hoping that I don’t discover a new round of tourists in December, down from the winter, snow, and ice, because I agree that even when it’s too cold to swim, an empty beach is the perfect place to be.

    • There are some wilder beaches here as well, but this one is closer to me than those are. I love both types, though, so I’ll probably seek out a wild one soon.

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