Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine!

This is my apartment.  Mine.  Not my husband’s, not my kids’, mine.  MJ may live here with me, but when it comes down to it, this is my place.  I love my kids, I love my husband, but it is really nice to have a place that I am in charge of, and that I get to make the decisions about.  Although I am a designer by training, and my husband always claims to defer to me in design, in reality, he gets what he wants.  Not here.  Here, all design decisions (well, other than painting the walls, which must stay white), are made by me.

You may have noticed that it is a bit empty.  Well, that’s because my first decision was to wait until I find and can pay for furniture I really like, rather than feeling that I need to fill it up right now with anything I can find (other than my bargain lamp, since I really need some light).  Since I work while the stores are open, it may take me a while to get anything in here, but when I do, that will be mine as well.

For all my wonderful, loyal readers, I have decided to scale back a bit and work on two or three posts a week instead of daily posts.  By the time I get home lately, there’s very little time left for taking good photos (as the above ones illustrate very well), so I will try to concentrate on fewer posts with better quality (mostly).


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