Stopping by woods on a sunny evening

The trip from DeLand to Gainesville takes me right through the Ocala National Forest, which makes for a pretty nice ride.  Every time I make the trip, I want to stop and take photos, but at the same time, I get a bit antsy to have the driving over with.  MJ usually convinces me that getting back to Gainesville is much more urgent than stopping for photos.  Tonight, however, I decided to stop for a moment at one of the turnoffs, but I didn’t realize there would be an entrance fee.  So, I didn’t actually go in, but I did pull over for a moment to take some shots of the forest.

One thing I’ve wanted to capture for a while is the way the trees lean.  That usually means that they have been in a hurricane or other severe storm, but the forest is a little farther from the coast than you would normally see that condition.  I’m not sure why they are leaning here.


It amazes me that looking in one direction, the sky may be the brightest blue, while the other way, it is on fire.  The moon was rising in the blue of the sky, and palm trees were silhouetted against it.  Of course, this was not the direction we were headed, so I would have completely missed this beauty if I had not stopped.

Yes, I know, technically, there is NOTHING right in this photo.  But I love it anyway.  It feels like the best parts of Florida, and is very much what driving into the setting sun felt like tonight.


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