Cows in the mist

As promised, I went by the place where I almost hit an eagle yesterday, but I did not see any eagles.  Instead, I saw cows.

Now, I have absolutely no interest in being a farmer, and I really don’t even care much for petting cows, but I love seeing them.  Especially when they are happily grazing in the middle of a misty morning field.  They just look so beautifully serene out there.


Mist always makes a scene so much more appealing.  I’ve passed by these fields during the middle of the day, and never really thought much about them, but when I dropped MJ off at school the other morning, I fell in love with them.  The mist is what does it.

And maybe the sun coming up and turning everything golden helps a little bit.

The trees really don’t hurt at all, either.  Palm trees in the middle of fields never cease to amaze and thrill me.  They are always unexpected out here away from the beaches and boulevards, yet there is no question that this is where they belong.  Oh, and that beauty of a tree right next to the palms, has there ever been a more perfect tree rising from the mists of a field?


Fences and gates always get to me, too.  Sure, there is an air of being locked out, but at the same time, there is a promise of being let in.  They are a door to the open air, a promise that something precious lies just beyond, almost within reach.  They give you something to dream about when you’re about to face a long day.


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