The view from my balcony

Two whole days without a word from me.  Were you worried, my loyal readers?  Monday, I just felt uninspired, then Tuesday I left my camera at work.  I almost missed today, but then the light shining through my window turned pink and I had to try to capture a picture of Tom Kitten at the window, which failed miserably because he ran when he saw the camera.

So I took some photos of the sunset from the balcony.  Yes, more sunset shots, but it was so glorious I couldn’t resist!  And I’m really not sure how to go about exploring this town.  I don’t see trails around here, which are my favorite things to explore.  There are gorgeous houses around here, but many of them are posted with no trespassing signs.  The beautiful downtown area is worth some explorations, but by the time I get off work, I’m not in the mood for people.  In fact, by the time I get off work, I’m usually not in the mood for anything but dinner!

This morning, however, I did have a wonderful wildlife sighting.  We woke up late, and I had to drop MJ off at school, so I went to work a different way. As I turned on to the road to take me to work, I was admiring the fog rising up from the fields, when suddenly, a very large bird swooped in front of my car, flying straight toward me.  I slowed a bit, prepared to stop, and realized it was a bald eagle!  Fortunately, it swooped away before I hit it.  I may have to start taking that road to work on a daily basis now.


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