Florida fall

Earlier today, while I was watching a few Gators play a rather brutal game, someone commented that it didn’t feel like late September, it felt more like August.  I wondered how much time he had spent in Florida in August, because it certainly was not August hot today.  That comment got me thinking about fall, because, after all, it is the first full day of Autumn today.  Absent a good gator shot, I decided that a few shots of Florida’s first day of fall, from the very center of Florida, also known as Gainesville, were in order.

Fall really is the best time of year around here, when it is a little cooler, but still warm enough to swim or do anything else your heart desires.  Generally, with the cooler weather, it’s also a little less humid, and there are fewer mosquitoes around.

Flowers continue to bloom well into autumn around here, even many that you may think of as summer flowers.  Bright yellow flowers appear against the green of the landscape, while morning glories bloom with abandon anywhere they can get a start.

Sure, it’s unlikely that Florida will become the fall sightseeing capital of the world any time soon, but there are a few leaves her and there that fall.  Often they fall to the ground without ever turning colors, but go straight from green to brown.  Others find a shade in between, usually yellow, but sometimes red.  No huge leaf piles line the roads, but leaf by leaf, the trees shed, leaving bits of beauty scattered about.


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