This is not a car, it is a lifestyle

I have visitors from Gainesville today, so we went to the historic district to walk around.  I was expecting to be taking photos like the one above of the Athens Theater, and the one of the dome on the Volusia County Courthouse.  There  are plenty of interesting buildings to get shots of, after all.

But then we saw this.  We realized that there was a car show going on, and started focusing on that.  At first we thought it was just this little section of the street, but then we looked across Woodland Boulevard and noticed that there was more.


There was lots more.  Cars kept coming in even as we were wandering the street.  One after the other, they just kept getting better.

I thought this beauty with its matching surfboard was something special, and knew that my husband, California boy that he is, would really appreciate it.

But then I got to this ’65 Pontiac Tempest and got lost in its shine.  I have always loved Pontiacs, and the Tempest is one of the beauties in the line.  Not my absolute favorite, but definitely drool-worthy.


Some cars reminded me of dreams; others brought back memories.  I always look fondly at Chevelles, because that was the car my first real boyfriend had.  It was a thing of beauty and power that we spent many hours cruising around in.

And my mother’s favorite car ever was a Corvair, a little red one.  When we were little we would ride in a little cubby hole between the back seat and the trunk.  I can still remember the smell of the car, and how it felt to ride in the back-back with my little brother.  When the gas tank developed some leaks, there was no way to get it replaced.  Ralph Nader had written a book about how dangerous the little car was, and my mother will never forgive him for it.

Even though I was always a GM lover, Mopar cars were pretty cool, too.  Most of my family loved Mopars, and they were a favorite of street racers everywhere, with a reputation for being quick off the line.  They’ve never had the beauty of GMs, but the hemi engine almost made up for that.  It put out some serious power.

Anyone who is still reading this probably knows exactly what this is and what its significance is.  1963 was the only year Chevy made a split-window Corvette, which makes it one of the most sought-after cars ever.  This one is beautiful, even though I’m not a huge Corvette fan.  Not that I would turn one down, but it’s not the car I dream of.


This one is one of the cars I do dream of.  My preference would be a 1965, but this ’69 would do quite nicely.  Yeah, I’d probably get rid of the model sitting up there, too.  Why junk up such a beauty of a machine?  I have spent years dreaming of owning a GTO, of having the chance to care for a beauty like this myself, and of cruising the streets with that awesome Pontiac power.  Now, I’m a little more practical and worry about things like the price of fuel and the environment.  Although I will never own one as a daily driver, I still love them and dream of owning one myself.

Although it isn’t one I’ve dreamed of, I couldn’t pass by this gorgeous pink beauty, which my daughter photographed so well.  I love the sun flare she captured, and the gleam of the paint.

Trucks were fairly well-represented as well.  I am by no means an expert on trucks, but there are some really nice ones out there.  Cars tend to be painted in red or blue, but trucks tend more toward oranges and greens.


My daughter is a Mustang lover, so she took a lot of photos of Mustangs.  I’m not a fan, although I will grudgingly admit that some of them are quite pretty.  I’ve included some shots for those of you who might like them.

She also got this awesome shot of two dogs falling in love from across the street.

The paint job on this one was my favorite of all of them.  The metal flake really shines in the sun, and shows the excellent craftsmanship that used to go into painting cars.  Vinyl stickers were for VW bugs, not for pinstripes and flames.  There are still car artists around, who take pride in creating custom designs.

And just in case you were wondering where the title for today’s post came from, this Citroen says it all.

For those of you who can make it, they hold this show monthly on the third Saturday of the month, at Woodland and Indiana from 1 to 9.


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