Lunchtime trail

Well, I finally got a chance to do a little exploring, but my timing was off.  What made me think that lunchtime in FL when I wear jeans to work would be a good time to go walk on a trail?  D’oh!  The light wasn’t even very good for photography, but I managed to capture a few decent shots of the many flowers along the Clark Bay Conservation Area trail.  There were many small flowers along the trail, and a few larger ones.

Now, if you’re expecting me to name these flowers, you haven’t been reading my blog for long.  I know very few of their names; I just shoot the ones I think are pretty.  These yellow ones, which I will think of as Black-eyed Susans, although I know they aren’t quite, were all over the place, looking so cheerful as they peeked out of the grass.  The reeds are the perfect complement.  If you ever send me flowers, make sure to add some reeds to the bunch.


I could hear birds flying around, and I suspect that there are many more interesting things to see along the way than what I saw today.  There is a map posted that promises water somewhere back there, at least a little more water than what was in the ditches by the sides of the trail.  And the sign on the other side of the map promises all kinds of wildlife.  Unfortunately, midday is almost never a good time to see much action.

There was thistle everywhere.  As you may know, I have a special fondness for thistle.  My favorite food in the whole world is a thistle, in fact.  Yep, you read that right.  I would rather eat an artichoke than chocolate cake.  If I could live on them, I would.  These ones probably aren’t quite as delicious, but they sure are pretty.

The trail itself was wide and well cared for, so it would be a good trail for running on, although nowhere near as much fun as some of the narrower, hilly trails I’ve come to love.  One of these days, I’ll go back after work and try it again to see if I can find the more exciting bits.  After all, you know I can’t feel at home here until I’ve found at least one gator!


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