All of the lights

Despite its tiny size, there are parts of DeLand that feel more like a city than anything in Gainesville.  It’s an unusual mixture of old, modern, and new, with just a touch of tourist-trap thrown in.  One of the first things I noticed, and so far one of my favorite things (other than being close to the beach), was that there are several old-fashioned neon lights along Woodland Avenue, putting their ancient hopes on display.  Won Lee Chinese-American Restaurant still lights up every night, although some of the others don’t anymore.  Neon signs are an odd part of Americana, at once old-fashioned and new-fangled; too new to get historic preservationists very worked up over, but too old to really be seen very often anymore.  Even Krispy Kreme has been updating stores and removing most of their neon lately.  I just hope that Won Lee doesn’t decide to do the same.


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