On my way home

MJ was way too eager to get back to Gainesville and her sister and all the animals tonight to let me stop and take any photos.  So when the sun started setting and coloring the sky dramatically, I ordered her to take them through the windows.  It’s always interesting when I do that, because I’m never quite sure what will come out, even though I try to tell her exactly what to shoot.

We had a really exciting ride home.  Early on in the trip, we saw a turkey.  Then we saw a quail, which I didn’t even know existed in Florida.  And we saw a bear!  I almost stopped the car to take a picture of that, but realized immediately that he was moving rather quickly, and even a small bear, which he was, would be more than I could handle.  So I was smart enough to keep going.  And then we saw a murder.

Of crows, people, of crows!

But of course, I got photos of none of that.  Just some beautiful sky shots for your enjoyment.


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